Founded in 2016, the Arts Managers and Literary Activists (AMLA) network brings together founders and members of Africa-centered literary and cultural initiatives to create space for intra-continental collaboration, support new platforms and ideas for the promotion of African literature, and find ways to make academic research useful for literary and cultural production and vice versa. We aim at building a self-reliant and sustainable literary and cultural sphere based on the African continent.
We started with an annual workshop for aspiring literary curators held in Kampala in 2016, and 2017 and an online mentoring programme that in 2018 have become a four months’ fellowship. In 2018, we held a sister workshop for early career academics working in the fields of African literary and cultural studies that will feed into a special issue of the academic journal, Eastern African Literary and Cultural Studies, scheduled for publication between 2019 and 2020.

Steering Committee 

Tiffany Kagure MugoHOLAAfrica

Edwige Renee-DroAbidjanLit

Dzekashu MacViban – Bakwa Magazine

Dr. Jama Musse JamaHargeysa Cultural Center

Dami AjayiSaraba Magazine

Bwesigye Bwa MwesigireCenter for African Cultural Excellence

Bwesigye co-founded the Center for African Cultural Excellence (CACE), that curates the Pan-African Writivism Literary Initiative and Ubuntu Reading Group. His work has appeared in Chimurenga Chronic, African Arguments, This is Africa and Africa in Words among others. In 2015, he was named a Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Young African Scholar. He holds a Master of Science in Security, Leadership and Society, from King’s College, London and a Bachelor of Laws from Makerere University. He studied Human Rights at Central European University and is currently a doctoral student at Cornell University. 


University of Bristol

University of Exeter

Eastern African Literary and Cultural Studies

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